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    In Focus

    • WWF2019

      For the third year in a row, NYU Shanghai and the New York WILD Film Festival joined forces.

    • Shanghai

      “Our hope is that this project will become a lasting gift from NYU Shanghai to the city of Shanghai,” says Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman.

    • womeninstem

      Seven NYU Shanghai women share their stories and experiences working and studying in the STEM fields

    • gish-jen

      Gish Jen writes novels, short stories, and non-fiction about identity, culture, and the American experience.

    • celebrate women

      The CELEBRATE WOMEN project asked women who fill our classrooms, instruct our students, and staff our halls what empowers them. Here's what they said.

    • LEAD

      Students in NYU Shanghai’s Diversity Initiatives LEAD Program completed six projects addressing topics of gender, culture, disability, LGBTQ+, and more.

    • GPS class

      Challenging assumptions, rediscovering the familiar, and changing the world

    • automatedcar

      Facing a reality of self-driving cars, automated robotics, and human-like digital assistants, it's no surprise that Machine Learning has become one of NYU Shanghai's most popular courses.

    • cover rodrigo

      For attainable solutions to sustainability issues, Professor Rodrigo Zeidan says 14 cents can make a huge difference...

    • cber zhang renyu

      Renyu Zhang, Assistant Professor of Operations Management at NYU Shanghai, teaches the Business Analytics course, which introduces state-of-art analytics techniques to students. Students use machine learning tools to creative precise predictive models. This hands-on experience will help them grasp analytics techniques that are useful in a wide range of real-world decision-making scenarios for...

    • istock_shanghai

      This J-term, students in the Investing and Financing in and with China course had the chance to take a behind the scenes operations tour of the Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai.

    • Lan Ma

      Lan Ma, adjunct professor of management at NYU Shanghai, teaches Business Consulting in China, an elective for senior business students that aims to increase experiential learning so that the theories and tools learned in class are applicable to real life experience.

    • brian hanssen

      As Generation Z prepares to enter the workforce, they present interesting challenges in working with older employers. How these young people, born in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, will work with older generations is a phenomenon worth studying. Brian Hanssen, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business at NYU Shanghai, connects the theoretical with the practical and presents findings to better...

    • Doing Business With China

      A few weeks ago, students in Professor Heini Shi’s course, Doing Business With China, found themselves holding class at a music and fitness studio on Shanghai’s famous West Nanjing Road, learning firsthand some of the realities of owning, operating and building an enterprise in China.

    • NYU Shanghai Professor and Colleagues Create a New Type of Quasicrystal

      In research featured on the cover of Science magazine, Moon and his colleagues reported that a new kind of quasicrystal can be designed by the overlay of two periodic layers at a specific configuration.